The Dorridge Fun Run is back!
4th June 2023

The Dorridge Fun Run

This is an event where absolutely everyone, whatever age or  whatever ability, can take part. In the the St Philips Dorridge Fun Run you can walk, run, cycle, ride in a pram and even walk your pet (providing it’s on a lead). Any form of non motorised transport is allowed, its great fun, very entertaining and raises funds for local charities. What’s more, it’s a unique opportunity for entire families to enjoy the open road together as they’ll be closed to traffic and lined with spectators cheering you on.

There’s a choice of 3 or 8 mile distances through beautiful Warwickshire countryside and prizes for such things as youngest and oldest competitors and best fancy dress. At the finish collect your medal and relax at the Summer Fair where there’s live music, a host of stalls, kids games and refreshments to restore your energy levels.

Registration and access on the day

Registration on the day is not possible. You must pre register so click to Register Here and complete your details. Entries are limited to 1,500 so please register quickly to avoid disappointment. To receive your race number by post you must register by 31st May. Entries after that date should collect  their race numbers at the  Church Centre between 08.30 and 09.45 but please arrive early as public roads will start closing from 09.30, barriers will be in place and access may be slow.

There is a public car park behind the Church Centre (free on Sundays) with availability on a first come first served basis. Access to this car park is off Grange Road between Sainsburys garage and the railway bridge. A walkway leads to the Church Centre.

Arriving by rail is also an easy option as Dorridge station is just 400 yards  walk fron the start  point at the Church Centre.

Please arrive early on the day , runners start at 10.10, riders and walkers at  10.30.


Whilst this is a great event for families we remind all parents that they are responsible for the safety of their young children. Please ensure that they are within sight and close proximity at all times and to be mindful of other participants particularly cyclists. Some parts of the course may become a little crowded at times so safety and the avoidance of acccidents needs to be uppermost in our minds.

The event is under overall police supervision. All roads are closed, fully marshalled and signposted with water stations and a full St John Ambulance presence.

Maps of the routes for the Fun Run

Want to find out where you will be running? Or just want to see if the run will be going up your road so you can cheer on the runners as they go past?


The 3 mile course, entirely on closed roads, is ideal for both for young families whether, running, with small bikes or walking and also as a fast course for runners who enjoy a shorter test.


The 8 mile circuit is an undulating circuit, also entirely on closed roads, providing a chance to enjoy the beautiful Warwickshire countryside at greater length. Runners will appreciate the challenge as a step up from 10k, perhaps on the way a half marathon. Families will enjoy the unusual opportunity to cycle the extended distance traffic free.


Our safety record in previous years has been exemplary and with this in mind, we   continue to work closely with the Councils and the Police Safety Advisory Group who insist that the roads are completely closed for the safety of the participants and volunteers. We hope this advance notification will minimise any resultant inconvenience. On their recommendations, a road closure programme has been agreed and the roads affected are highlighted in purple. These roads will be closed from 09.00am until approx. 1.30pm. We will endeavour to hold the roads open as long as possible before the start whilst it is safe to do so. In addition, roads will be re-opened at the earliest opportunity, while ensuring that the safety of participants, residents and marshals is not compromised.

Roads affected by the Road Closure Orders are:

  • Manor Road, Dorridge (from junction of Rodborough Road to Grange Road) Station Road (from Manor Road junction to Station Approach)
  • Station Approach, Dorridge
  • Dorridge Road
  • Blue Lake Road (from junction of Dorridge Road to Darley Green Road / Norton Green Lane) Darley Green Road (from junction of Blue Lake Road to Chessetts Wood Road)
  • Packwood Road
  • Packwood Lane (up to Rising Lane junction)
  • Rising Lane, Packwood (up to Chessetts Wood Road junction) Chessetts Wood Road
  • Chapel Lane
  • Bakers Lane
  • Vicarage Road (from junction of Packwood Road to Glasshouse Lane)
  • Windmill Lane (up to Grange Road junction)
  • Grange Road, Dorridge (from Windmill Lane up to Manor Road junction)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register online?

The online registration process is provided by .   You can follow the link on this site straight to registration page for the Dorridge Fun Run. Payment is made using ApplePay.

  1. Click on the Register button to be redirected to St Phillips Dorridge Fun Run & Cycle [event] (
  2. Select your Category, then Press  
  3. Please enter your name, address and contact details.
  4. Add entrants as required. 
  5. If you make a mistake and wish to change details before you make your payment, just use the back button on your browser.
  6. When the list of entrants is complete, proceed to pay by clicking the “Payment” button. 
  7. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the Contact E-mail Address provided at Registration.
  8. The race numbers and information will be sent to the registration address provided. It is beneficial if the person who registers the entrants .
  9. You can enter and pay for further entrants following the same procedure at anytime up to the on-line registration deadline on the 10th June.

How much does it cost?

Adults £15.00, children (under 14) £7.50
Please note: registration is not possible on the day.

    What is the latest date I can register online?

    Online registration will be available until 6:00pm on the 31st May. However, for entries received after 2nd June, you will need to collect your race number between 8:30 and 9:45 am on the day of the Fun Run.

      What do I do if I have a problem registering online?

      Please e-mail details of the problem you have experienced along with your contact details to 

        What happens after I register?

        If you register before 31st May, we will send your race number(s) and entrant information by post. If you register after this date, we will NOT dispatch your race number(s), you are required to pick them up on the day of entrants.  It is important to note that we will send the race numbers and details for multiple entrants to the person who registered and paid.

        If you register on or after 2nd June you will need to collect your race number(s) from between 8:30 and 9:45 am on the day of the Fun Run from St. Philip’s Church, Manor Road Dorridge.

          I would prefer not to register and pay online, what can I do?

          You can register using the single entrant registration form available from the Parish Office. Please send the registration form back to the Parish Office by 31st May.

          Can my child participate on their own?

          We stipulate that children 13 or under on the day of the race must be accompanied by an adult entrant for their safety. Older children can participate on their own.

          Can I enter on the day?

          No, we are only allowing advance entry this year due to the popularity of the Fun Run.

          If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please email and someone will respond as soon as they can.