Encouragement and memories from Margaret

Hello friends of 40 years plus and more recent. I have been living in Somerset near my daughter Vicki and her family for 2 years now and love it, and also miss all of you. But I’m on the route to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall and several friends have broken their journeys to visit me and they have been very welcome. Before I left we had been very busy raising the money for the new church project (people around here are astounded and impressed by how much money has been raised) and in recent weeks I understand IT HAS BEGUN. Wonderful. New facilities for this modern age to enable even more powerful and creative ways in which to worship God and interact with the community, most of whom now work all the time with the best developments in communication. I believe that the glorious window has been safely removed. Brian loved it particularly and we had it lit from outside in memory of him.

During lock-down there has been plenty of time to remember all the wonderful things we did as our family grew up with Brian and me at St Philip’s. Memories which grow stronger every day. (It really is true that with ageing, memories become more vivid!) The old church may have gone but nothing will ever erase the memories. I will cite one event with which we were deeply involved, the wonderful times producing Biblical musicals. So many very talented people were involved with limited equipment. My goodness how fantastic if we could have had use of the modern facilities which will soon be with you to bring God even more clearly to others. It is really very exciting and I hope and pray that the final money will come in time for the completion of St Philip’s Community Church.

My constant love to you all.

Margaret (Harris)